See what you hear! Spektro:skop is an easy-to-use and powerful real-time spectrum analyzer for your pocket. Analyze, measure, compare and save sound spectra captured with the internal microphone or any other audio source connected to your iOS device.
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Spektro:skop turns your device into a powerful digital spectrum analyzer with a built-in, high-quality audio interface and a nicely integrated omni-directional measurement microphone.

Here is what you get in detail






What frequency range can I analyze with your App?

In theory, the internal processing allows to analyze frequencies between 0 Hz (DC) and 24 kHz. For the internal microphones I would trust the absolute values between about 50 Hz and 16 kHz.

And what about the dynamic range?

The lowest total sound pressure level you will be able to analyze with the build-in microphone is around 30 dB(A). If you can hear it, you will probably see it, too.
The maximum level depends highly of the frequency content of the signal. With the built-in microphone you should be able to measure total sound levels of up to 120 dB(A).

How can I get my saved CSV-files off the iPhone?

Spektro:skop gives you the option to export all data you currently see to a comma separated value file (CSV).
After the file has been saved, you have the possibility to open the exported file directly in another App on you device. This is the easiest way to send your data to Dropbox, Numbers or any other App that can handle CSV-files, but it only works at the moment you save the file.

To export multiple files, or export a file later, you can use iTunes' file sharing support. In short: connect your device to iTunes, select your device, navigate to the Apps section of your device and select Spektro:skop in the list of Apps that support file sharing. Here is a more detailed description in Apple's official help documents how to use file sharing.

That is not enough information for me – where is the handbook?

There is none. And you don't really need one, do you?
I've put a lot of effort into making Spektro:skop easy to use and easy to understand. If I have failed at some point and you don't immediately know what to do, just send me an e-mail and let me know.